Saturday, May 26, 2007

Edinburgh Bus Tour Slideshow

We went back to Edinburgh and took the bus tour again since our tickets were still good. It was fun because we had a different tour guide and we got to hear some slightly different stories, plus it was nice and sunny instead of raining, and we weren't tired from traveling all day.


Jyoti said...

awsome heather, i loved edinbourgh did you go to the castle? such an amazing city.

Heather said...

We never made it inside the castle. We haven't gone in to a lot of things, both for lack of time and money. We seem to wake up too late, so that by time we get to a place they are closed for the day... And the whole pounds being almost twice dollars is brutal - I've seen some pretty necklaces that I would gladly spend 15-20 DOLLARS on, but not 30-40 dollars, which is approximately how much it would end up being with the exchange. We're definitely going inside the Campbell castle tomorrow, so that's going to be our castle experience I suppose.