Monday, May 28, 2007

Leaving Scotland Tomorrow

Not sure when/if we'll get internet in England, but that's where we're off to next. We've had a nice, low-key time here staying with Brooke & Rynny, they've made us yummy food and given us bus directions and helped us buy tickets online and such. It's definitely more relaxing to be somewhere with someone who actually knows what's going on :)

We were super low key yesterday, pretty much slept in and went out to explore Dundee just a little bit in the afternoon. Stopped to eat at a little pub called Drouthy Neebors and had nachos, salad, veggie burger, baked potato and french fries (or chips as they say here)! It seemed like a lot of food, but we were SO hungry, hadn't really eaten anything besides a scone and a bit of cereal for the morning, plus it seemed to be rather light, as in not too greasy, so it ended up being just the right amount I think. And the biggest looking dish was the huge salad, and that's all green stuff anyway. :)

This morning we had to get up "stupid early" (to borrow a painfully accurate phrase from Rynny.) to get to the Campbell Castle in Inverary. We were a tiny bit worried it might be closed or something because it was a bank holiday, but it turns out just the bus ride itself was worth it! We went through these towering, rock-covered hills that were just gorgeous and full of tiny streams and boulders and trees. And then the castle was open anyway! Hooray!

They only let you tour through a portion of the castle, because the current Duke actually still lives in the castle part of the time! and I saw him! Just briefly, i was coming out of a room, and there is a glass door marked "Private" down the hall and I saw a lady in the hall and then the Duke came out! Just looked like a good-looking late 30's guy in a red sweater, except that I'd just come from a room plastered with photos and newspaper clippings of his achievements, so I recognized his face right away. Not wanting to stare I just continued down the stairs as normal, hoping that G would come out in time to see for himself, but unfortunately the Duke was gone by the time G came out.

In any case, the castle was beautiful, the grounds were beautiful, and it was an all around great experience. I know G wanted to talk a bit more with someone about family history, but there didn't really seem to be anyone available to talk with... Ah well. I think he enjoyed it too anyway.

Tomorrow we have to get up "stupid early" again to catch our plane into London. From there we take a train to Guildford to see Adrien in her play, which is very exciting! Snilly us did not try to reserve a place to stay ahead of time, so we are going in fingers-crossed that the B&B we found online tonight will have a vacancy for us, because it's right by the City Centre, which is also supposed to be close to the train station, and the theatre.

As I said at the beginning, not sure when/if we'll get internet again, so this might be my last entry before we come home! But who knows!